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Choose the Right Decisions for Your Brand With Google Ads & Facebook Ads


Over the years, pay per click advertising like facebook ads & google ads has proven its worth as one of the best and most cost-effective online marketing strategies. PPC advertising allows businesses to take charge of their ad spend and get their brand offerings in front of the right people at the right time and in the right place.

Pay per click marketing provides you with laser-targeted visibility, which speeds up the customers’ buying journey and boosts your conversion rate.

In an ideal world, combined SEO and PPC advertising strategies work best at driving targeted results. Integrated SEO and PPC campaigns offer maximum visibility, drive relevant traffic and deliver long-term benefits. However, if you have a short window to promote your brand offerings and make an impact on your niche market, pay per click internet marketing might be the best option for you.


Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is one of the most effective paid search programs to drive qualified pay-per-click (PPC) leads and generate new business on a continuing basis. However, it’s also challenging to get top visibility in competitive markets while also efficiently managing your monthly ad spend.

A successful PPC campaign requires attentive ongoing management to achieve optimal results. Dollar Monks Google Ads management services are designed to zero in on your target customers and employ strategies that maximize ROI, reduce waste, and ensure that your ad budget is directed toward only the highest performing keywords and campaigns.  

Our Google Ad campaign process is conducted through an initial setup and optimization phase followed with ongoing reporting, assessment, and account management for maximum value and performance.



With over 2.6 billion active users, many organizations already know that Facebook is a practical way to stay connected with customers, supporters, and those who live in the communities they serve.

Dollar Monks can help expand your Facebook presence with special campaigns to target specific users with unique messages tailored to whatever it is that you want to promote or communicate.

Whether you are a for-profit looking to boost brand recognition and cultivate new sales leads, or a nonprofit that wants to try new forms of fundraising or community outreach for your programs, Facebook advertising is a highly effective tool for reaching new and diverse audiences. Best of all, it’s measurable, cost-effective, and complementary to your other digital marketing efforts. 

Dollar Monks will setup the posts/ads to run on Facebook,


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